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Roar Engine

Welcome to Roar, an asynchronous, scriptable, server-side game mechanics engine that exposes an HTTP Web API for you to consume from your application.

Download a Roar license here:


Get started with Roar documentation available under /docs or at:

Web API related reference links:

Our open source wrappers for the API:


Your use of Roar Engine is bound by the License Terms.

Application Stack

The Roar Application Stack comprises the following distinct layers:

  • Web Apache+PHP web layer Handles incoming HTTP requests and routes to the App layer.

  • Leaderboard PHP+MySQL leaderboard module A sub-module dedicated to handling leaderboards.

  • Application C++ Roar socket application The core game engine (the server itself).

  • DB Postgres app DB layer Used to persist application data (eg. players, items, etc).

Setting up

Roar is officially supported on Ubuntu Server 12.04 64bit [1]. We recommend running Roar using Amazon Web Services (AWS), and as such make references to AWS in our docs from time to time. You may of course run your servers wherever you wish.

Click here for detailed installation instructions.

We recommend running Roar in AWS with the following starting config:

  • Elastic Loadbalancer
  • 1x EC2 medium node (web layer)
  • 1x EC2 x-large node (application + db + leaderboard)

[1] Many developers have successfully reported running Roar on everything from Mac OSX to Solaris. Your mileage will vary. Roar is officially supported only on Ubuntu Server 12.04 64bit.

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