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This collection was started by fontello project to collaborate different small sets, missed in other iconic fonts. Also, it helps authors to share their works with community, as font glyphs.

If you have not enougth icons, to create independent font, but still wish to share - suggest your images here.

How to contribute

  1. Send your icons as SVG images. With your confirmation to distribute under CC BY license.
    • Height should be 1000px
    • Usually, image should be vertically centered, with 5% top and bottom margins. But it depends on content.
  2. Experimental. If you are not designer, but still wish to improve the world - we will create 1 icon for every 50$, donated by you to fontello. That icon will be included here. Moreover, if you decide, that you are not satisfied, your money will be returned.

About attribution. Since Fontelico collaborates works from multiple authors, we keep minimal attribution requirements, to be comfortable for users:

  • You will be listed in contributors list, and any special details in font config file.
  • When people uses Fontelico arts, mentioning of Fontelico in human readable form is considered enougth. Even if this is mentioned in HTML or CSS sources. We don't wish to force users giving links, tweets, buying coffee and so on.


  • Angela Berbentseva (emoticons, spinners). Email


Vitaly Puzrin (Fontello project)


  • Font provided under SIL license, by
  • Artworks provided under CC BY licence. If you use Fontelico in your project - mention it somewhere, where you feel comfortable: in about page, in HTML source, or somewhere else.
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