A FuelPHP package which wraps php-mobile-detect for better mobile device detection.
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Special Agent

Special Agent is a FuelPHP package which uses php-mobile-detect to determine whether a device is mobile or not - this is largely to negate the use of Browscap, which has proven to be entirely unreliable as of late.

What it does

This package does three things.

  • Firstly, it overwrites the default Agent::is_mobiledevice() method to use php-mobile-detect.
  • Secondly, it overrides the is_mobiledevice method:
    • Agent::is_mobile() - merely shorthand for Agent::is_mobiledevice()
  • Thirdly, added all the remaining methods from the class
    • Agent::is_tablet()
    • Agent::is_mobiledevice()
    • Agent::is_mobile()
    • Agent::is_tablet()
    • Agent::is_ios()
    • Agent::is_android_os()
    • Agent::is($value)
    • Agent::component_version($value)


Clone it into fuel/packages:

git clone --recursive git://github.com/rob-bar/special_agent fuel/packages/special_agent

After doing that, ensure you're always loading it in your config.php file, like so:

'always_load' => array(
	'packages' => array(

And you're done. Easy as cheese.