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#CommUnity (Pasakhom) - ReadMe Document

Description: Community is a application that contains a listing of user submitted product ideas that contribute to the social good of others. There are similar applications out there but, they strictly cater to for-profit entities.


  1. Adrienne Dao (Back-end scaffolding and CSS)
  2. Robert King (Back-end scaffolding, database, and all around jack-of-all trades)
  3. Angel Valant (Front-end and CSS)

##User Stories:

  1. I want to see a listing of products.
  2. I want to see product details.
  3. I want to post feedback to products.
  4. I want to tag products.

##MVP Features:

  1. Comments Section (Model - CRD) (Done)
  2. Product Page (Listing and Individual) (Model - CRUD) (Done)

##Silver Features:

  1. Up-voting (Done)
  2. Tags/Categories (Done - Hacky)
  3. Front-end validation (Done)
  4. Back-end validation (Done)

##Gold Features:

  1. Listing of Similar Products
  2. Rspec Testing (Done)
  3. Markdown Form Submission
  4. Carousel of featured/related products

##Technologies Used:

  1. Angular - (Front-end)
    • UI Router
    • ngResource
    • ngAnimate
    • ngTouch
    • jQuery
    • Font Awesome
    • Angular Truncate
    • ngTagsInput
    • Google Fonts
    • Bootstrap
  2. Rails (Back-end)
    • Ruby
    • PostgreSql- Postman
    • RSpec
    • Faker
    • CORS
    • API (JSON)

##Project Notes:

  1. Card format for product display on the index.html page.
  • Contents of Card:
  • Logo of product.
  • Title of product.
  • Up-voting count.
  • Number of comments contributed to the feedback section of product.
  • Brief product description.
  • Display of product tags.
  1. Individual product page will display detailed information of a product.
  • Contents of Individual Product Page:
  • Logo of product.
  • Title of product.
  • Up-voting count.
  • Listing of author(s) of product idea.
  • Photo(s) and video(s) showcasing product idea.
  • Detailed description of the product presented.
  • Full listing of feedback section (Idea: Do we want to up-vote on comments?).

##Unresolved Issues

  • Mobile responsive menu stopped working.
  • Implementation of formal tagging system using directive ngTagsInput.


  • Add more test cases.
  • Front-end testing.
  • Adding Users