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VS-Org How-To

Organize your thoughts and tasks into hierarchical lists. You can add an item with *. The Number of * determines the level of the item.
Mark a task as TODO or DONE.
Fold Lists with Tab.
Increment or Decrement an item in a list.

Change the Main Directory

The main directory by default is set to your home directory.

To change the main directory use the VS-Org: Change VS-Org Directory command.

Create a new .vsorg file

You can create a new file in your main directory by using the VS-Org: Create new .vsorg file command

Create a header

You can use the /header snippet to create a header.

Open a file by tags or by titles

You can open a file by either the VS-Org: Open By Title or VS-Org: Open By Tag commands.

Agenda View and Scheduling

To schedule an item use the ctrl+alt+s keybind. To view all of your scheduled items in all of your vsorg files use the VS-Org: Agenda View command.

Full Demo

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