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RootNav Viewer 2.0: A visualization tool for Root System Architecture (RSA) using RSML.
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RootNav Viewer 2.0: A visualization and measurement tool for Root System Architectures in RSML format. The viewer is based off the original RootNav version, and as such is currently Windows only. Development will begin soon on a multi-platform version, but for now this is the only supported OS If you do not have access to windows, other RSML analysis frameworks are available at the RSML website.


Binaries are available in the releases tab. Alternatively, you can clone the repository and compile the code using Visual studio.

Running the tool

Begin by running the viewer, you will need to select an RSML directory using the File -> Source menu options. After choosing a directory, you will be able to search, view and analyse root systems.

If you have any questions please contact Michael Pound <>

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