Assets 3



  • (mod) detection tweaks, increased distances
  • (mod) decrease AI dispersion coefficients for vehicle weapons
  • (fix) units fall and get suppressed again when hit

@robalo robalo released this May 4, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

This version integrates Pooter's enhanced ASR AI as optional features among other things.


  • (mod) in-game settings organized with subcategories
  • (mod) automatically exclude civilian factions (contributed by 654wak654, thanks!)
  • (mod) detection tweaks, tracers more visible to AI than non-tracers
  • (mod) use HE ammo for Vorona and MRAWS against infantry and vehicles
  • (mod) update class relationship to match with 1.82
  • (mod) use variable full auto burst lengths for SMGs
  • (mod) adjust gear actions to show before the take actions (which can clutter commanding menus a lot)
  • (mod) copy my stance can be used for selected units (defaults to all when none selected)
  • (mod) remove stamina handling completely
  • (add) shortcut keys to toggle AI flashlights and lasers - works under certain conditions (MRT compatible)
  • (add) shortcut key to attempt to unfreeze AI units in team
  • (add) advanced cover and counter-attack from Raptoer/Pooter's fork (thanks!)
  • (mod) removed unneeded setvariable flags
  • (mod) optionally keep AI inside immobile vehicles with working weapons (by Raptoer, thanks again!)
  • (mod) support tanks DLC for dynamic camouflage
  • (mod) minor spotting skill decrease
  • (mod) performance optimisation for dynamic camo (contributed by Dedmen, thanks!)

@robalo robalo released this Dec 5, 2017 · 69 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

This version splits the main addon into several independent modules, making it easier to maintain but also
easier on user side when it comes to modifying, mixing with other mods or other experiments.


  • (mod) config support for new tacops dlc assets (units, uniforms)
  • (mod) update ammo configs for compatibility with patch 1.78
  • (mod) random bursts for automatic fire modes (use burstRangeMax)
  • (mod) performance optimisation
  • (mod) shared target info accuracy depends on sender's commanding skill
  • (mod) can reset team super AI option after mission start with immediate effect
  • (mod) variables changed in userconfig

Functionality by addon


  • common functions and definitions, required by all other components


  • config tweaks for increased projectile and explosion detection range
  • allow low level rockets to be used by infantry against aircraft and infantry


  • tweaks configs for weapon shooting by AI
  • consistent dispersion coefficients
  • rate of fire based on engagement range
  • weapon and fire mode selection
  • variable, randomized bursts of automatic fire


  • option to disable stamina for AI in player's group
  • option to become group leader after using teamswitch to control another playable unit
  • hot key for AI to follow player stance
  • hot key for AI to hold fire until player fires


  • adds various reactions on danger events
  • share target info with near groups on contact
  • use near vehicle and static weapons when available
  • move to cover
  • search or take cover inside buildings
  • lay down to shoot when there is no cover
  • machinegunners shoot more bullets at the enemy
  • units unable to find any cover near get suppressed faster (then throw smoke)


  • adds groups of SF units to greek army faction


  • adds some reactions and effects to units when they're hit
  • maximum suppression when hit
  • fall when hit
  • move to cover
  • use first aid kits when it's safe
  • killed or injured units get out of static weapons


  • adaptation of Rydygier's incognito
  • makes units harder to identify are enemies based on few conditions
  • carrying and using a weapon
  • travelling inside a civilian or allied faction vehicle
  • movement stance and speed
  • time of day
  • line of sight


  • units check if they have enough primary ammo and first aid kits
  • automatically rearm from near containers vehicles, bodies or backpacks of AI teammates when needed


  • tweaks cfgAISkill interpolation for aiming and spotting
  • unit camouflage (detectability) is based on actual gear (uniform, vest, ruck and launcher)
  • advanced skill settings
  • wear NVG on head only when needed
  • reduced reporting spam (unknowns no longer called)
  • foot units less audible
  • more likely to crouch in combat
  • harder to be seen in the dark

@robalo robalo released this Oct 7, 2017 · 70 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

Changes in 1.1.5

  • (mod) make dispersion coefs vary with optic types again
  • (mod) match explosive detection skills of green recon with post-LoW vanilla
  • (mod) slight spotting distance increase overall
  • (mod) re-add: dead units detach from static weapons
  • (mod) auto-disable random fall when hit if ACE3 hitreactions used
  • (mod) auto-disable AI self-heal if ACE3 medical used
  • (add) option for team superAI
  • (mod) add CIV_IDAP_F to skipped factions in default userconfig

@robalo robalo released this Oct 7, 2017 · 70 commits to master since this release

Assets 3


  • (mod) update class inheritance for 0.4.3
  • (mod) update camo coefs for new gear in 0.4.3
  • (mod) apply 1.1.5 weapon dispersion coef tweaks
  • (mod) fix optic type for new sights
  • (mod) add AI fire modes and ranges for new weapons
  • (mod) update to 1.1.5 ammo detection ranges
  • (mod) add aiAmmoUsageFlags for Carl Gustav

@robalo robalo released this Sep 7, 2017 · 71 commits to master since this release

Assets 3



  • (mod) reduced grenade usage and accuracy
  • (add) camouflage settings for LOW DLC gear


  • (fix) incognito settings had player setCaptive false on init
  • (mod) removed killed event handler (no longer reduces morale)
  • (mod) removed damage eh which ejected dead units from static weapons (fixed in vanilla)