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Tutorial plugins to go along with metadita blog

Each of these plugins goes with a tutorial originally posted at http://metadita.org/toolkit/


  1. org.metadita.happyhtml: Happy HTML! How to create a "new transformation type" without actually creating a new format. Based on the tutorial Happy HTML for happier content.
  2. org.metadita.moodyhtml: Moody HTML :-/ How to create a new transformation type (extending an existing type) that makes use of new parameters. Based on Moody HTML for variable content
  3. org.metadita.morse: Morse code? Really? How to create a new transformation type that really is an entirely new format. Based on But what if I want a whole new transform dot dot dot?
  4. org.metadita.html5zip: Hopefully helpful plugin that demonstrates how to use the temp.output.dir.name parameter (added in DITA-OT 2.5). This allows plugins to easily build off of existing transform types like HTML5, while easily adding post-processing steps (handled inside the temp directory) and/or returning a zip instead of discreet files. Described in the post Making zippy HTML (or other zippy output)
  5. org.metadita.cleanupmap: Quick and easy plugin that works around an issue in DITA-OT processing of bookmaps that happen to use <part> to pull in maps. Based on a long thread in the DITA-OT Slack channel and may warrant a blog post ... or maybe the readme will be enough?