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Repo for my devsum talk on web-based gamings


First off, a quick history of web-based games
	- Warner Bros (HTML with Frames lol)
	- City of whatever (the persistent web-based thing) + ilk
	- Runescape (Java)
	- Braid (NaCL)
	- Angry Birds (WebGL)
	- Everything Zynga has done (mostly HTML/CSS/Sprites)

Some reasons we might want to hit up the web tech
  - Easy way to get to market
  - Can support all the devices with minimal re-work
  - It's fun and direct
  - Can make money with no middle men!!!!

Anyway, what are our options?
  - WebGL
  - Canvas
  - HTML + CSS3
  - NaCL
  - Unity Web Player
  - Flash

  We're going to cover the first three, we're not interested in black box in browser solutions today


    - Drawing simple shapes
    - Drawimg images
    - Demo on
       - Laptop
       - iPad
       - Mobile phone
    - Run this on web server on private wifi network so everybody can participate

- Pros
    - Runs nearly everywhere
    - Very simple to use, very direct
    - Excellent for building things quickly

- Cons
    - Poor hardware acceleration support
    - Slow draw calls
    - Lots of learning to do for performant canvas
    - Struggles at high resolutions

- Examples
    - A scene in a platform game
      - pre-render the background vs doing it every frame
      - Show frame rates
    - A scene with high quality images at 1024x768
      - Render at 640x480 and scale up

    - CSS Sprites/Transforms
    - Same demo as in the first one
        - Laptop
        - iPad
        - Mobile phone
    - Run this so everybody can participate

- Pros
    - Runs pretty much everywhere
    - Performance is generally amazing
    - Not a lot to learn to use this

- Cons
    - Can be a bit tricky to coax into desired behaviour
    - Not as flexible as 'just drawing stuff' 
    - It's not what it was designed to do, you WILL encounter oddities!

    - What is it? (Khronos, participants etc)
    - The 15 simple steps to draw a triangle on the screen

- Pros
    - Hardware acceleration by very definition
    - Potentially superb graphics
    - Low CPU use (leaving CPU for game logic)

- Cons
    - Steep learning curve (low level)
    - Not supported universally
      - No iOS yet :-(
      - No IE :-(

- Examples in each platform
  - A simple black square
  - A simple square with an image
  - Bouncing the square around
  - Particles
  - 3D (spin the square)

- Examples
    - Hoverbattles
    - Maybe show off 'hackspace'

- Ah yes, networking
  - Let's build a canvas multiplay demo together
  - Create a node server, bring in
  - Create a scene, ability to add new entities, and remove them
  - New connections mean adding a square, your square is blue
  - Moving your square around with arrow keys results in everybody elses screens updating

Note that in this demo, there was no shared code - so why NodeJS?
  - No reason at all, other than it's cool and I like the lack of context switching

Multi player?
  - Do you want to share code?
     - No, not always
       - Server is your secret sauce
       - Server generally controls the game
       - Clients are just views of the current state
     - Yes
       - The above is true, but the client predicting state can lead to a better experience
       - Sharing code? Well... JavaScript?
       - NodeJS!

Choosing your tech

What kind of game do you want to build?
What platforms do you want to deploy to first?
Platforms will define your feature limitations, and features will limit your platform choices.