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robashton committed May 19, 2012
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@@ -145,21 +145,42 @@ <h1 class="top">HTML+CSS</h1>
<li>Plain ol' HTML</li>
<li>Retained mode graphics</li>
<li>High level... I guess</li>
<li>Highly optimised(!!)</li>
<div class="step code" data-x="14000" data-y="0">
<h2>A basic projection matrix</h2>
<p>Used to project coordinates into screen space</p>
var projection = mat4.create();
<div class="step code" data-x="2000" data-y="1500">
<h2>Given a container like this</h2>
<pre class="demo" data-src="html-example-1">
<div class="step code" data-x="3000" data-y="1500">
<h2>And some code like this</h2>
<pre class="demo" data-src="html-example-1-src">
<div class="step slide" data-x="4000" data-y="1500">
<h2>We can have something like this</h2>
<div id="html-example-1">
<div id="html-example-1-target" width="640" height="480">
<script type="text/javascript" id="html-example-1-src">
var target = document.getElementById('html-example-1-target');
var sprite = document.createElement('div');
sprite.width = 100;
sprite.height = 100; = 10;
sprite.left = 10;
// Field of view is 45 degrees
// Aspect ratio is 4:3
// Clamp viewing distance from 1.0 to 100
mat4.perspective(45, 4/3, 1, 100, projection);
<div class="step slide" data-x="15000" data-y="0">
<h1>Quick maths lesson</h1>

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