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Robaux SWT16+ Firmware
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Robaux SWT16+

The Robaux SWT16+ comes with a very extensive firmware. From time to time new features will be added or improved. A firmware update is not difficult, but the update process is a bit fumbling.


Version 0.50


  • Misc

Version 0.46

New Manual


Values Mode
  • Trigger Mod
  • Output Routing
  • Reset individual Track Values
  • Reset all Track Values
Util Mode
  • Press the Copy button to display the current firmware version.

Version 0.33


  • Random Mode

Update your Module

Attention: When updating the firmware, all patterns and settings will be overwritten!

To transfer a firmware update you need a computer with a serial USB interface. Since the heart of the sequencer is an ATMega328, especially an Arduino UNO is excellent. But it also work with standard interfaces such as FT232 or similar.

You also need the transfer program AVRDude which comes with the Arduino software. AVRDude is a command line utility. But there are also graphical interfaces, for example HexUploader (MacOS) or Xloader (Windows).

The Update folder contains the firmware hex files which you can transfer to the device.

Select the version you want to transfer. Connect your Robaux SWT16+ to your serial port as shown in the pictures.

Select your serial interface in AVRDude or a corresponding program as well as the HEX file and transfer it to the Robaux SWT16+. If you have any questions, please contact

Updating using a Arduino Uno

Updating using a FT232

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