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An npm cli to quickly find out which repos you forgot to commit to
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Git global status

Quickly find out which repos you forgot to commit to.

Cli usage

# Install globally
npm i -g git-global-status

# Run in the current directory

# Run in a specific directory
git-global-status --path /User/rob/Sites

Api usage

const { findUnstagedRepos } = require('./repoFinder')

;(async () => {
  // Fetch repos which have unstaged changes
  const repos = await findUnstagedRepos('/your/custom/path')
  // Repos is an array of { path: string, remote: string | null }

Future work

  • Add an option to fetch repos first
    • .option('-f --fetch', 'Specify whether to fetch repos', false)
    • git fetch && git status -sb
      • ## master...origin/master [ahead 1, behind 1]
  • Add more project dependant ignores (e.g. ruby)

This project was set up by puggle

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