A rather simple js app to run on a smart mirror
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Smart(ish) Mirror

  • Rob Anderson, robb-j
  • A JQuery & Handlebars webapp to display a heads up for your day with a node server for fetching data
  • Something running node
  • A rough understanding of json


  • The date & time
  • Your iCal events
  • The weather forecast in your area
  • The most positive news from Good News!
  • Display cards from Trello
  • Motivational quotes

Installing Node on a pi

wget http://node-arm.herokuapp.com/node_latest_armhf.deb
sudo dpkg -i node_latest_armhf.deb
rm node_latest_armhf.deb

Mirror Setup

  1. Setup the project with sudo sh setup.sh
  2. Arrange your widgets in public/js/config.js, the order of the objects is the order they will be displayed
    • left widgets are displayed down the left
    • right widgets down the right
    • The bottom widget is a single object to display at the bottom. Right now only the quote widget works well here
  3. Modify the parameters for your widgets, see Widget Configuration below
  4. Configure the node server in web/config.js
    • weather.apikey is your api key for Open Weather Map, you'll need
    • calendar.url is the url to a shared iCalendar (e.g. generated in iOS's Calendar app)
    • server.port is the port the webapp will run on
  5. Start the node server with npm start

Widget Configuration

  • Each widget is defined by its type, the available types are: calendar, clock, monzo, news, quote, trello & weather.
  • You specify how often a widget updates with its tick property, the default tick is every hour. See example.config.js for examples.
  • Each widget then defines its own configuration like the clock's time format.
  • Here are the available customisations:
    • clock.timeFormat is the format time will be displayed in (format)
    • clock.dateFormat is the format the date will be displayed in (format) to generate a one
    • weather.location is the default location used to get your weather forecast, used if your location cannot be determined, find your city
    • trello.appkey Is your Trello app key, find it here
    • trello.listId Is the identifier of the Trello list you want to display, on Trello.com visit a card on the list you want and add .json to the url. Your listId is in there under idList


  • Some non-popup based way of authenticating with Trello
  • Perhaps a more user-friendly config like yaml?