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A template for kickstarting a typescript-node app, with the common things set up
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A Typescript Node Project

This project was setup with robb-j/ts-node-base which creates a node app, with the common things already setup for Typescript.

Template Features

  • Multi-stage docker build to install, test and deploy
  • Testing setup with jest, ts-jest
  • Linting setup with tsc
  • Auto load .env files with dotenv

Dev Commands

# Run in dev mode and restart on file changes
npm run dev

# Lint the source code
npm run lint

# Manually format code
# -> This repo runs prettier on git-stage, so committed code is always formatted
npm run prettier

# Run the unit tests
# -> Looks for .spec.ts files in the src directory
npm test

# Generate code coverage in coverage/
npm run coverage
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