An example of using NodeJS to hit the Guardian Content API and render a simple web page based on a query.
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Guardian Content API for NodeJS


This example uses NodeJS and a number of dependencies to demonstrate a simple example of retrieving content from the Guardian Content API and present that in a web page.  Dependencies are managed by [ndistro]( so should be easy to get started. Install ndistro as per instructions on that site and then run 'ndistro' on the command line.

This will set up the following dependencies:

 - connect, a HTTP middleware library
 - expressjs, a lightweight web framework
 - ejs, a rendering engine for HTML
 - node-properties, a small library to externalise configuration

Once ndisto has run the following directories will have been created: bin, lib and modules.  NodeJS is now setup locally and relative to the directory you are currently in.  


To run the web app, run the following command

	./bin/node index.js
If you have not changed any defaults, the web app will load on port 3000.


You will be required to enter a name for your query and the URI for the query.  You can get the query URI by going to the [Content API Explorer](  Sign up for an account (without one, you can't get HTML from the API required for this app) and use the 'content' tab to build your query.


There is no persistence in this application, so when you start the app no queries will have been remembered.