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Notice that you have to have the same amount of nav-items and sections to get this to work properly.

  1. To use the hightlight scroll functionality, add the css class .highlight to the a element in your menu.

Like this:

            <a href="#section-one" class="highlight">One</a>
  1. Add the two css classes .highlight and .section to the section that you want to correspond with the hightlightning on the nav items.

Like this:

<div id="section-one" class="section highlight">
    <h1>Section One</h1>
    <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis eu augue sed ipsum vulputate malesuada et vitae
        lorem. Mauris non lectus nibh. Fusce faucibus suscipit sollicitudin. Donec eget nisi vel tellus cursus
        convallis. Donec interdum pretium neque. Praesent vel mattis neque, nec volutpat diam. Suspendisse non
        consequat nunc, ac blandit ipsum. Sed at justo eget purus interdum varius eget aliquet nisl. Nulla sed
        accumsan enim, at laoreet dolor.</p>