CSS framework which uses PHP to extend the native abilities of CSS
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A dynamic CSS framework inspired by Shaun Inman's CSS Cacheer. It's aimed at experienced CSS developers - it gives you the tools to create great CSS easily. It abstracts some repetitive and annoying flaws of the language to make it easier to create and maintain, all while giving you the benefits of caching.

  • Constants
  • SASS-style mixins
  • Compressed, Cached and Gzipped on-the-fly
  • Nested Selectors
  • Perform PHP operations
  • Image replace text by just linking to the image file
  • Plus easily add your own functionality using the plugin system

What you need

  • PHP5+
  • modrewrite enabled in Apache (optional)

Installation & Documentation

See http://anthonyshort.com.au/scaffold/ for documentation.

Having trouble?

Make sure you read the documentation on the wiki. If you find a bug, put it in the issues section on Github. If you're still having trouble, feel free to contact me at csscaffold@me.com.


Copyright (c) 2009, Anthony Short csscaffold@me.com http://github.com/anthonyshort/csscaffold All rights reserved.

This software is released under the terms of the New BSD License. http://www.opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.php