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robbertkrebbers Bump versions.
The accent in parser/Cabs.ml gave a 'Comment not terminated' with
OCaml 4.02.3, so I removed it.
Latest commit fc82855 May 7, 2016



This version is known to compile with:

 - Coq 8.5pl2
 - SCons 2.5
 - Ocaml 4.02.3
 - GNU C preprocessor 6.1.1

Say "scons" to build the full library, or "scons some_module.vo" to just 
build some_module.vo (and its dependencies).

In addition to common Make options like -j N and -k, SCons supports some 
useful options of its own, such as --debug=time, which displays the time 
spent executing individual build commands.

scons -c replaces Make clean