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buildlamp — visual build notifications everywhere

  • wireless
  • programmable
  • beautiful

What we wanted

We wanted a noticeable feedback when some jobs from our Continous Integration (Jenkins) failed. When anything goes horribly wrong, the whole office should be alerted by a light turning red.

What we got exactly this (and more). Since 2012 we built and tried different lamps with a web interface and wifi connection. The latest versions in this repository are affordable and easy to build.

The lamps do have a HTTP API so you can control them with jenkins jobs, change their color, let them fade and blink.

What you find in this repository

In the subfolders you can find different types of buildlamps and a manual to make them Jenkins ready. Additionally, the HTTP API makes it easy to use the lamps for all kind of purposes, like a "do not disturb" lamp, or a lamp which shows your computers cpu temperature or... — you can most likely think of better uses.

Try it out, build your own buildlamp and share what you did via the issue tracker or tweet us @buildlamporg. 💡