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buildlamp — Spark Core and NeoPixels variant

Required Parts


Preparing the NeoPixels

  • Solder the break-away headers on your breadboard friendly NeoPixels or the NeoPixel Stick

Assemble on Breadboard

spark-neopixel-breadboard spark-neopixel-453

Setup your Spark Core

Visit https://www.spark.io/start and proceed until you get to "Put Code on Your Core"

Upload buildlamp code on the Spark Core

In the Spark Web IDE, press the "Create new App" button and give it a name. Then copy the latest code from /spark/buildlamp.ino.

Now you have to add the NeoPixels library: Click on Libraries, search for NeoPixel, press the "Include in App" button and select your app.

The App is now ready, you can push the code with the button in the top left.

Get Spark Core ID and Access Token

In the Spark Web IDE, click on "Cores" in the bottom left. Look for your core, click on ">" and get the Device ID.

Then go to Settings and copy the Access Token.

Setup Jenkins Job

Open your Jenkins instance, go to Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins and install the Groovy Postbuild plugin.

Create a new View that contains all the jobs you want to summarize the build status on the lamp.

Create a new Job (type: Freestyle project) with following settings:

  • Source Code Management: none
  • Build Triggers: Build periodically, Schedule: "* * * * *"
  • Build > Add Build step: Execute system groovy script. Copy the contents of /jenkins/buildlamp.groovy in the Groovy command text box and change the FIXME values.

Look at your lamp

If its no longer blue, party! 🎉