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3D DCGAN inspired GAN trained on 32x32x32 voxelizations of Thingi10k - a corpus of 10,000 3D printable objects and sculptures - as a result, the generated sculptures are almost always 3D-printable, but usually do not have any real 'meaning', and are just abstract sorts of shapes.

I originally began this project as an attempt at generative architecture; but lack of an appropriate dataset held me back from that. Currently working with trying to get something usable from the google sketchup 3d workshop

Example abstract shape generations

3D-printed generation


Computer visualized generations

1 2 3


There are really only 3 files you need to use to generate your own 3D shapes.

You need to download Thingi10k, and in line 8 of, set the variable path_to_dataset to be the path to your raw_meshes folder from your thingi10k download.

Next, just run the file with python, and it will start generating numpy arrays that contain all of the now-voxelized models in thingi10k and save them to your data/ folder.

On line 23 of, point it to the desired (usually the largest) .npy file in your data/ folder by setting numpy_array_saved equal to its path.

Then, you can just run python and trained network checkpoints will start to populate your network_checkpoints/ folder.

Point to an array of generations in your generations folder (an array is created every 50 epochs) by setting array_to_visualize equal to its path.

This script will allow you to see the models that network has generated in 3D, with the option to save as PNG, obj, etc.

Issues / Future efforts

Right now, the main issue is the fact that it's very hard to get data for this sort of project; the only two datasets I have encountered are shapnet and thingi10k; currently; i am trying to train a conditional version of the 3d GAN with shapenet so that you can select that you want to generate a table, chair, etc, and the network will move past just generating "shapes"...