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#import "MyHTTPConnection.h"
#import "HTTPDynamicFileResponse.h"
#import "HTTPResponseTest.h"
#import "HTTPLogging.h"
// Log levels: off, error, warn, info, verbose
// Other flags: trace
static const int httpLogLevel = HTTP_LOG_LEVEL_WARN; // | HTTP_LOG_FLAG_TRACE;
@implementation MyHTTPConnection
- (NSObject<HTTPResponse> *)httpResponseForMethod:(NSString *)method URI:(NSString *)path
// Use HTTPConnection's filePathForURI method.
// This method takes the given path (which comes directly from the HTTP request),
// and converts it to a full path by combining it with the configured document root.
// It also does cool things for us like support for converting "/" to "/index.html",
// and security restrictions (ensuring we don't serve documents outside configured document root folder).
NSString *filePath = [self filePathForURI:path];
// Convert to relative path
NSString *documentRoot = [config documentRoot];
if (![filePath hasPrefix:documentRoot])
// Uh oh.
// HTTPConnection's filePathForURI was supposed to take care of this for us.
return nil;
NSString *relativePath = [filePath substringFromIndex:[documentRoot length]];
if ([relativePath isEqualToString:@"/index.html"])
HTTPLogVerbose(@"%@[%p]: Serving up dynamic content", THIS_FILE, self);
// The index.html file contains several dynamic fields that need to be completed.
// For example:
// Computer name: %%COMPUTER_NAME%%
// We need to replace "%%COMPUTER_NAME%%" with whatever the computer name is.
// We can accomplish this easily with the HTTPDynamicFileResponse class,
// which takes a dictionary of replacement key-value pairs,
// and performs replacements on the fly as it uploads the file.
NSString *computerName = [[NSHost currentHost] localizedName];
NSString *currentTime = [[NSDate date] description];
NSString *story = @"<br/><br/>"
"I'll tell you a story <br/>" \
"About Jack a Nory; <br/>" \
"And now my story's begun; <br/>" \
"I'll tell you another <br/>" \
"Of Jack and his brother, <br/>" \
"And now my story is done. <br/>";
NSMutableDictionary *replacementDict = [NSMutableDictionary dictionaryWithCapacity:5];
[replacementDict setObject:computerName forKey:@"COMPUTER_NAME"];
[replacementDict setObject:currentTime forKey:@"TIME"];
[replacementDict setObject:story forKey:@"STORY"];
[replacementDict setObject:@"A" forKey:@"ALPHABET"];
[replacementDict setObject:@" QUACK " forKey:@"QUACK"];
HTTPLogVerbose(@"%@[%p]: replacementDict = \n%@", THIS_FILE, self, replacementDict);
return [[HTTPDynamicFileResponse alloc] initWithFilePath:[self filePathForURI:path]
else if ([relativePath isEqualToString:@"/unittest.html"])
HTTPLogVerbose(@"%@[%p]: Serving up HTTPResponseTest (unit testing)", THIS_FILE, self);
return [[HTTPResponseTest alloc] initWithConnection:self];
return [super httpResponseForMethod:method URI:path];