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+KissXML provides a drop-in replacement for Apple's NSXML class culster in environments without NSXML (e.g. iOS).
+It is implemented atop the defacto libxml2 C library, which comes pre-installed on Mac & iOS.
+But it shields you from all the nasty low-level C pointers and malloc's, and provides an easy-to-use Objective-C library.
+It is designed for speed and reliability, so it's read-access thread-safe and will "just-work".
+That is, KissXML provides an API that follows "what-you-would-expect" rules from an Objective-C library.
+So feel free to do things like parallel processing of an xml document using blocks.
+It will "just work" so you can get back to designing the rest of your app.
+KissXML is a mature library used in thousands of products. It's also used in other libraries, such as [XMPPFramework]( (an objective-c library for real-time xml streaming). It's even used in hospital applications.
+KissXML was inspired by the TouchXML project, but was created to add full support for generating XML as well as supporting the entire NSXML API.
+**[Get started using KissXML](**<br/>
+**[Learn more about KissXML](**<br/>
+Can't find the answer to your question in any of the [wiki]( articles? Try the **[mailing list](**.
+Love the project? Wanna buy me a coffee? (or a beer :D) [![donation](](

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