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no support for initWithData option NSXMLDocumentTidyXML #17

Daij-Djan opened this Issue · 7 comments

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actually there is no tidy support :) AFAIK


i would 'fix this' by incorporating libtidy into KissXML -- but only if we build for iPhone


if (mask & DDXMLDocumentTidyHTML)
data = [[CTidy tidy] tidyData:data inputFormat:TidyFormat_HTML outputFormat:TidyFormat_XHTML diagnostics:NULL error:&theError];
else if (mask & DDXMLDocumentTidyXML)
data = [[CTidy tidy] tidyData:data inputFormat:TidyFormat_XML outputFormat:TidyFormat_XML diagnostics:NULL error:&theError];


fixed in pull request


Excuse me but i really can not understand the solution !
I'm a beginner and would be very grateful if you could explain what exactly should i do ?
I really need to to fix this but i don't even understand the code...
Thanks for your help!


hi, the KissXML has no tidy support and thus behaves differently than NSXMLDoc....
On OSX I therefore embedded CTidy

also I added the ability to falling to html parsing mode as this seems to be NSXMLDoc..'s way

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@Daij-Djan Daij-Djan reopened this

Thank you very much...

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