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KissXML is designed to be a drop-in replacement for Apple's NSXML class cluster. The goal is to get nearly the exact same behavior as the NSXML classes. In pursuit of this goal, the library comes with extensive unit tests to ensure the behavior is mimicd properly.

Thus, KissXML doesn't have much documentation because Apple has already provided extensive documentation:

Please Note: NSXMLDocument and NSXMLElement both extend NSXMLNode. So if you don't see the method you need in NSXMLDocument or NSXMLElement, the method is likely declared in NSXMLNode.


At this time, KissXML doesn't provide 100% coverage of the NSXML API. But we hope you'll find that it provides all the methods one regularly needs. If there is a method not implemented that you need, submit that method name as an issue. The more people that vote on your issue, the sooner it will get implemented. (Of course, this is open source. So you could also implement the method yourself and submit a patch! Which would be way better!)

If you think you found a spot where KissXML deviates from NSXML, whip up a unit test and submit it as an issue.

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