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#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
@class GCDMulticastDelegateEnumerator;
struct GCDMulticastDelegateListNode {
id delegate;
dispatch_queue_t delegateQueue;
struct GCDMulticastDelegateListNode * prev;
struct GCDMulticastDelegateListNode * next;
int32_t retainCount;
typedef struct GCDMulticastDelegateListNode GCDMulticastDelegateListNode;
* This class provides multicast delegate functionality.
* That is, it provides a means for managing a list of delegates,
* and any method invocations to an instance of the class are automatically forwarded to all delegates.
* For example:
* // Make this method call on every added delegate (there may be several)
* [multicastDelegate cog:self didFindThing:thing];
* This allows multiple delegates to be added to an xmpp stream or any xmpp module,
* which in turn makes development easier as there can be proper separation of logically different code sections.
* In addition, this makes module development easier,
* as multiple delegates can be handled in the same manner as the traditional single delegate paradigm.
* This class also provides proper support for GCD queues.
* So each delegate specifies which queue they would like their delegate invocations to be dispatched onto.
* All delegate dispatching is done asynchronously (which is a critically important architectural design).
@interface GCDMulticastDelegate : NSObject
GCDMulticastDelegateListNode *delegateList;
- (void)addDelegate:(id)delegate delegateQueue:(dispatch_queue_t)delegateQueue;
- (void)removeDelegate:(id)delegate delegateQueue:(dispatch_queue_t)delegateQueue;
- (void)removeDelegate:(id)delegate;
- (void)removeAllDelegates;
- (NSUInteger)count;
- (NSUInteger)countOfClass:(Class)aClass;
- (NSUInteger)countForSelector:(SEL)aSelector;
- (GCDMulticastDelegateEnumerator *)delegateEnumerator;
@interface GCDMulticastDelegateEnumerator : NSObject
NSUInteger numDelegates;
NSUInteger currentDelegateIndex;
GCDMulticastDelegateListNode **delegates;
- (NSUInteger)count;
- (NSUInteger)countOfClass:(Class)aClass;
- (NSUInteger)countForSelector:(SEL)aSelector;
- (BOOL)getNextDelegate:(id *)delPtr delegateQueue:(dispatch_queue_t *)dqPtr;
- (BOOL)getNextDelegate:(id *)delPtr delegateQueue:(dispatch_queue_t *)dqPtr ofClass:(Class)aClass;
- (BOOL)getNextDelegate:(id *)delPtr delegateQueue:(dispatch_queue_t *)dqPtr forSelector:(SEL)aSelector;
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