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#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "XMPPElement.h"
* The XMPPPresence class represents a <presence> element.
* It extends XMPPElement, which in turn extends NSXMLElement.
* All <presence> elements that go in and out of the
* xmpp stream will automatically be converted to XMPPPresence objects.
* This class exists to provide developers an easy way to add functionality to presence processing.
* Simply add your own category to XMPPPresence to extend it with your own custom methods.
@interface XMPPPresence : XMPPElement
// Converts an NSXMLElement to an XMPPPresence element in place (no memory allocations or copying)
+ (XMPPPresence *)presenceFromElement:(NSXMLElement *)element;
+ (XMPPPresence *)presence;
+ (XMPPPresence *)presenceWithType:(NSString *)type;
+ (XMPPPresence *)presenceWithType:(NSString *)type to:(XMPPJID *)to;
- (id)init;
- (id)initWithType:(NSString *)type;
- (id)initWithType:(NSString *)type to:(XMPPJID *)to;
- (NSString *)type;
- (NSString *)show;
- (NSString *)status;
- (int)priority;
- (int)intShow;
- (BOOL)isErrorPresence;
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