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#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
@class DDListEnumerator;
struct DDListNode {
void * element;
struct DDListNode * prev;
struct DDListNode * next;
typedef struct DDListNode DDListNode;
* The DDList class is designed as a simple list class.
* It can store objective-c objects as well as non-objective-c pointers.
* It does not retain objective-c objects as it treats all elements as simple pointers.
* Example usages:
* - Storing a list of delegates, where there is a desire to not retain the individual delegates.
* - Storing a list of dispatch timers, which are not NSObjects, and cannot be stored in NSCollection classes.
* This class is NOT thread-safe.
* It is designed to be used within a thread-safe context (e.g. within a single dispatch_queue).
@interface DDList : NSObject <NSFastEnumeration>
DDListNode *listHead;
DDListNode *listTail;
- (void)add:(void *)element;
- (void)remove:(void *)element;
- (void)removeAll:(void *)element;
- (void)removeAllElements;
- (BOOL)contains:(void *)element;
- (NSUInteger)count;
* The enumerators return a snapshot of the list that can be enumerated.
* The list can later be altered (elements added/removed) without affecting enumerator snapshots.
- (DDListEnumerator *)listEnumerator;
- (DDListEnumerator *)reverseListEnumerator;
@interface DDListEnumerator : NSObject
NSUInteger numElements;
NSUInteger currentElementIndex;
void **elements;
- (NSUInteger)numTotal;
- (NSUInteger)numLeft;
- (void *)nextElement;