Retrieve Archive Messages from XMPPMessageArchiving CoreData #107

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Hi, Robbie

I have implemented XMPP Framework in my project and it is working flawless, however I'm stuck at one place and that is retrieve messags from XMPPMessageArchiving coredata, I'm able to activate the XMPPMessageArchiving activate in AppDelegate method and I have even checked that it saves the messages received and sent.

Only problem is me and most of them is facing problem to retrieve messages to our ChatViewController, everybody's concept is displaying the messages in tableview. We would like to request you for implementing the ChatViewController with a tableview and fetching the messages and displaying them on tableview. We would need your help to do this.

You response to this issue is greatly appreciated and we will be waiting for your valuable response.

Thank you.


Add an NSTableView and an NSArrayController in Interface Builder. Bind the ArrayController's to the message stores mainThreadManagedObjectContext.

Bind the TableView's content to the ArrayController with the controller key set to arrangedObjects.

Bind the valueof an NSTextField in a TableCellView of your TableView to the TableCellView with a controller key of objectValue.body for the message text.

Besides, there are a huge amount of CoreData tutorials and resources out there, so no need to use the issue tracker as a help forum for general Cocoa related questions. In case those don't answer your questions, Stackoverflow or the XMPPFramework Google Group might be a better suited place to ask.

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