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Giving you a positive vote! Please help me #113

LeeGyong opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Hi, robbiehanson.

Please help.
I am also creating group chatting func in iphone app using your xmpp framework.
But room was created sucessfully but i don't know how to go from that on for group chat.

XMPPRoomCoreDataStorage *rosterstorage = [[XMPPRoomCoreDataStorage alloc] init];
XMPPRoom *xmppRoom = [[XMPPRoom alloc] initWithRoomStorage:rosterstorage jid:[XMPPJID jidWithString:@"viratsroom@conference.praveens-mac-mini.local"] dispatchQueue:dispatch_get_main_queue()];
[xmppRoom activate:[[self appDelegate] xmppStream]];
if ([xmppRoom preJoinWithNickname:@"viratsRoom"]) {
NSLog(@"room created");

  [xmppRoom joinRoomUsingNickname:@"viratsroom11" history:nil];

[xmppRoom fetchConfigurationForm];
[xmppRoom configureRoomUsingOptions:nil];
[xmppRoom addDelegate:[self appDelegate] delegateQueue:dispatch_get_main_queue()];

What can i do then?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

@drodriguez drodriguez referenced this issue from a commit in drodriguez/XMPPFramework
@robbiehanson Fixing Google Code issue #113 - Buffer overwrite (due to multiple rea…
…ds using the same buffer) when using old-school (deprecated) secure connection option.

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