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removeUser #114

Aaronov opened this Issue · 1 comment

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There seems to be a bug with removing a user from the roster when their subscription is rejected, the removed user temporarily appears as if they were accepted. I'm using the CoreData storage method and these are steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. User A sends a request to User B
  2. User B reject the request from User A
  3. Upon getting the "unsubscribed" presence from User B I call removeUser on User A's roster to remove User B from roster/subscription.
  4. For the buddy list in controllerDidChangeContent, I reload the table and to my surprise User B is now showing as ONLINE
  5. Calls to isPendingApproval return FALSE.

If I close the app and reopen it triggering a disconnect/connect then the table is cleared up and everything looks as it should.

Anyone come across this before?


I think this may have been the same issue as #186 , could you recheck to see if the XMPPRoster now works as expected?

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