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XMPPFramework not works on iOS 4.3(Non-ARC Project) #117

jayashankar opened this Issue · 3 comments

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In My xcode project I had integrated XMPP framework. It works fine on iOS 5.1 simulator. When I tried to run the project on iOS 4.3 simulator I am getting an error.

Please see this Stackoverflow question :


Not sure if it will solve your issue, but if your project is NOT ARC you have to tell the compiler to use ARC -fobjc-arc on the XMPP files, an not disable it like you currently are.


There's a wiki article about ARC:

(Sorry, I need to fix those broken images).

But like @ObjColumnist said, you need to use -fobjc-arc flag to tell the compiler the files are ARC.

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