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We are using XMPPFramework for a chat app.It has served us very well.
We are unable to retrieve members of MUC Rooms by executing the following.

[xmpproom fetchMembersList];

(void)xmppRoom:(XMPPRoom *)sender didFetchMembersList:(NSArray *)items

It returns an empty array

What are we doing wrong?

Many Thanks..

tarikhs commented Sep 26, 2013

you need to be owner or a admin to fetch member list or any other i.e. ban.


Thank you for the response. The chat room owner also is unable to fetch details of members. Please note, on the android platform we use a library called smack and have no difficulty retrieving member list of a room by any user that is participating in a room. Both platform connect to the same openfire server.



jackywpy commented Jul 3, 2014

same question, how to get the member list? Is there another way to get them?


So this issue fixed or what? I am also getting empty array :(

xcriss commented Oct 31, 2015

I am also getting an empty array, did someone know you solved?


Anyone can help? I try to add a roomconfig_getmemberlist but without success


Which server you are using ? Openfire or Ejabbered. Both have different support for MUC. I think you are using Ejabbered. Please use mod_muc plugin for Ejabbered.


Did anyone fix this issue? I have the same problem on ejabberd, wherein owners are able to fetch the member list but not the other members.

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