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Reconnect takes huge time, issue #82

obaidjawad opened this Issue Jul 22, 2012 · 10 comments

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After the disconnection from the server for the first time, for example when I hit Login and if it goes through the method of DidnotAuthenticate, so obviously it will get disconnected from the server. Then when I again put the username and password and hit login, it is taking more than 1 minute to get the response or go to the didnotauthenticate method.

Is this issue is known?

Because I have seen the other previous post has the same issue of reconnecting for the second time.


I just wanted to make is understandable :), so I have posted the console report below

2012-07-22 12:13:11:612 iPhoneXMPP[1393:207] iPhoneXMPPAppDelegate: xmppStreamDidDisconnect:withError:
2012-07-22 12:13:11:614 iPhoneXMPP[1393:207] Unable to connect to server. Check xmppStream.hostName

After I got disconneced from the server, and got the above response, then on the same time I again hit login, it takes more than one minute of time to communicate with the server and get the below response.

2012-07-22 12:14:37:636 iPhoneXMPP[1393:207] iPhoneXMPPAppDelegate: xmppStreamDidDisconnect:withError:
2012-07-22 12:14:37:639 iPhoneXMPP[1393:207] Unable to connect to server. Check xmppStream.hostName

I know I'm putting the wrong username, I'm testing it because a normal user will surely enter the username wrong at the first time or at times, and when I enter the correct username and password it again takes the same more than 1 minute of time to communicate with the server.


Is there any news on this?


this is new.. I cant reconnect at all with the latest changes. I might revert back to the previous version if i cant find a solution too.


If you destroy the xmppStream (and its related objects) manually upon disconnection you can reconnect, but in this way the auto-reconnect feature doesn't work. Moreover I found that old sources don't compile with the new Xcode 4.4, so I'm stuck with this bug for now.


check solution here:

obaidjawad : just authenticate again, do not disconnect the stream.


@jonasman thanks! it seems to work


It sounds like this is a duplicate of issue #80

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