Ruby interface to the MaxMind minFraud API service.
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Ruby interface to the MaxMind minFraud API

Compatible with version minFraud API v1.3
minFraud API documentation

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Your license key is how MaxMind will identify you, so it is required.

Minfraud.configure do |c|
  c.license_key = 'abcd1234'
  c.requested_type = 'standard'

requested_type can be set during configuration to use that default value or it can be set on the transaction. If unset minFraud will default to the highest level of service available to you.


transaction = do |t|
  # Required fields
  # Other fields listed later in documentation are optional
  t.ip = '' = 'richmond'
  t.state = 'virginia'
  t.postal = '12345' = 'US' #
  # ...

# => 3.48

Exception handling

There are three different exceptions that this gem may raise. Please be prepared to handle them:

# Raised if configuration is invalid
class ConfigurationError < ArgumentError; end

# Raised if a transaction is invalid
class TransactionError < ArgumentError; end

# Raised if minFraud returns an error, or if there is an HTTP error
class ResponseError < StandardError; end

Transaction fields


name type (length) example description
ip string t.ip = '' Customer IP address
city string = 'new york' Customer city
state string t.state = 'new york' Customer state/province/region
postal string t.postal = '10014' Customer zip/postal code
country string = 'US' Customer ISO 3166-1 country code


name type (length) description
ship_addr string
ship_city string
ship_state string
ship_postal string
ship_country string
email string We will hash the email for you
phone string Any format acceptable
bin string CC bin number (first 6 digits)
session_id string Used for linking transactions
user_agent string Used for linking transactions
accept_language string Used for linking transactions
txn_id string Transaction/order id
amount string Transaction amount
currency string ISO 4217 currency code
txn_type string creditcard/debitcard/paypal/google/other/lead/survey/sitereg
avs_result string Standard AVS response code
cvv_result string Y/N
requested_type string standard/premium
forwarded_ip string The end user’s IP address, as forwarded by a transparent proxy


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