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This theme is in no longer being maintained actively as I do not use Grav myself, please feel free to contribute if you need something to be updated.

Starter theme for Grav CMS

Starter theme for Grav CMS using modern tools and frameworks such as Laravel Mix, Vuejs, Bulma.


  • Laravel Mix
  • Vuejs
  • Bulma

Installation / Usage

(Recommended) bin/gpm (Grav Package Manager)

# @ path/to/grav/installation
$ bin/gpm install haywire
$ cd user/themes/haywire
$ yarn && yarn production

Manual installation

# @ path/to/grav/installation
$ cd user/themes/
$ git clone haywire
$ cd haywire
$ yarn && yarn production

Activate theme

After installation navigate to user/config/system.yaml and update the theme:

  theme: haywire


Installing through bin/gpm will prompt you to install the demo content automatically.

However if you install the theme manually, copy the contents of user/themes/haywire/_demo/pages/ into your user/pages/ folder for a quick demo content of your site.

Laravel Mix

Laravel Mix is preconfigured when installing a fresh instance of this theme. However it might be a good idea to review the full documentation on GitHub.

# Compile assets without minification
$ yarn dev

# Watch working assets
$ yarn watch

# Minify and compile assets for production
$ yarn production

Compiled assets goes into the dist/ directory, these files are generated for you through Laravel Mix, you should not edit these files manually! Your working directory is resources/.


bin/gpm update

The easiest way to update this theme is via the Grav Package Manager:

$ bin/gpm update haywire


If you're interested in contributing, please read the contribution guidelines.



Haywire grav theme is an open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.