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Color Scheme for, iTerm2, Vim, MacVim, Sublime Text2 and Textmate
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Smyck Color Scheme

This is a color scheme suitable for, iTerm2, Vim, gVim, MacVim, Textmate and Sublime Text 2.

The colors are carefully chosen and the contrasts are tuned so that it should not hurt the eyes even after a whole day of working.


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 4


Currently its still a moving target but if you want to help, please try it out and report screenshots of weird looking things. Also, right now there are only terminal and vim settings. Textmate and Sublime Text 2 will follow shortly. The iTerm2 colors are a little bit off as well so I need to finetune them as well.

Once the final color map is done this repository will include a proper documentation.

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