Example of a shotgun email handler. The example can handle creating/updating tickets and adding notes on versions.
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These scripts are meant to be hooked into an email system to automatically
parse mails as they are received and take automatic actions based on the
content of the email.

Installation depends on the particulars of the mail system they are being
used on.  For sendmail, they are installed by copying them into the /etc/smrsh
directory and by adding lines like the following to /etc/aliases:

stix:                "|/etc/smrsh/run sg_mail_handler"
stix-debug:          "|/etc/smrsh/run sg_mail_handler --debug"
sg-notes:            "|/etc/smrsh/run sg_mail_handler"
sg-notes-debug:      "|/etc/smrsh/run sg_mail_handler --debug"
sg-auto-email:       "|/etc/smrsh/run sg_mail_handler"
sg-auto-email-debug: "|/etc/smrsh/run sg_mail_handler --debug"

then running 'newaliases'.

sg-auto-email@shotgun.yourstudio.com would be the reply-to email address for
emails sent out by Shotgun.  This is configured on the Shotgun preferences page.

The script is currently configured so that email to stix will create a new ticket
and email to sg-notes will create notes.  sg-notes emails are expected to have a
body following this template (in a plain text email):

:show: project_a
:playlist: playlist_name (id 2219)

*** version1 name (id 91306)

notes to make on version 1

*** version2 name (id 114239)
:to: login1

notes to make on version2

*** version3 (id 114247)
:to: login2

notes to make on version 2