Node.js package for generating different kinds of random numbers.
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Node.js package for generating different kinds of random numbers: Uniform, Normal/Gaussian, Poisson, Chi-squared, Cauchy.


npm install randgen


  • Supported distributions: Uniform, Normal, Poisson, Chi-Square, Cauchy
  • Vector versions of all supported distributions


Generate Gaussian random numbers:

num = rnorm();     // standard normal
num = rnorm(2, 5); // normal with mean 2 and standard deviation of 5


num = rchisq(4);   // 4 degrees of freedom

Random element from a list:

num = rlist([1, 2, 3, 4]);

Others: runif, rpoisson, rcauchy, rbernoulli

You can also generate vectors of random numbers:

nums = rvnorm(100); // generate 100 standard normal values

Others: rvunif, rvchisq, rvpoisson, rvcauchy, rvlist, rvbernoulli

It also includes a handy histogram() function to convert an array of numbers into a set of bins:

bins = histogram(data);     // defaults to 10 bins
bins = histogram(data, 20); // 20 bins


MIT License