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planar graph library for representing crease patterns and performing origami operations
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Origami Code

This is a Javascript library for creating origami crease patterns.

Check out the documentation it's filled with interactive examples.


Include rabbit-ear.js

This library is a math library, SVG library, FOLD graph manipulator, all wrapped into one.

A data model of a crease pattern is initialized like so

var cp = new CreasePattern();

If you are in the browser, initialize an Origami object and you also get an SVG image of the Crease Pattern.

var origami = new Origami();

There are methods for folding a sheet of paper, checking local flat-foldability, Kawasaki-Justin's theorem, Maekawa's theorem, exposing the planar graph data structure, support for .fold, .oripa, and .svg file formats for import and export.


compile the source using rollup. In terminal type: rollup -c


MIT open source software license

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