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autoload -U colors && colors
autoload -Uz vcs_info
zstyle ':vcs_info:*' stagedstr '%F{green}●'
zstyle ':vcs_info:*' unstagedstr '%F{yellow}●'
zstyle ':vcs_info:*' check-for-changes true
zstyle ':vcs_info:(sv[nk]|bzr):*' branchformat '%b%F{1}:%F{11}%r'
zstyle ':vcs_info:*' enable git svn
theme_precmd () {
if [[ -z $(git ls-files --other --exclude-standard 2> /dev/null) ]] {
zstyle ':vcs_info:*' formats ' [%b%c%u%B%F{green}]'
} else {
zstyle ':vcs_info:*' formats ' [%b%c%u%B%F{red}●%F{green}]'
setopt prompt_subst
PROMPT='%B%F{magenta}%c%B%F{green}${vcs_info_msg_0_}%B%F{magenta} %{$reset_color%}%% '
autoload -U add-zsh-hook
add-zsh-hook precmd theme_precmd
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