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# Code from Mikael Magnusson:
# Requires xterm, urxvt, iTerm2 or any other terminal that supports bracketed
# paste mode as documented:
# create a new keymap to use while pasting
bindkey -N paste
# make everything in this keymap call our custom widget
bindkey -R -M paste "^@"-"\M-^?" paste-insert
# these are the codes sent around the pasted text in bracketed
# paste mode.
# do the first one with both -M viins and -M vicmd in vi mode
bindkey '^[[200~' _start_paste
bindkey -M paste '^[[201~' _end_paste
# insert newlines rather than carriage returns when pasting newlines
bindkey -M paste -s '^M' '^J'
zle -N _start_paste
zle -N _end_paste
zle -N zle-line-init _zle_line_init
zle -N zle-line-finish _zle_line_finish
zle -N paste-insert _paste_insert
# switch the active keymap to paste mode
function _start_paste() {
bindkey -A paste main
# go back to our normal keymap, and insert all the pasted text in the
# command line. this has the nice effect of making the whole paste be
# a single undo/redo event.
function _end_paste() {
#use bindkey -v here with vi mode probably. maybe you want to track
#if you were in ins or cmd mode and restore the right one.
bindkey -e
unset _paste_content
function _paste_insert() {
function _zle_line_init() {
# Tell terminal to send escape codes around pastes.
[[ $TERM == rxvt-unicode || $TERM == xterm || $TERM = xterm-256color || $TERM = screen || $TERM = screen-256color ]] && printf '\e[?2004h'
function _zle_line_finish() {
# Tell it to stop when we leave zle, so pasting in other programs
# doesn't get the ^[[200~ codes around the pasted text.
[[ $TERM == rxvt-unicode || $TERM == xterm || $TERM = xterm-256color || $TERM = screen || $TERM = screen-256color ]] && printf '\e[?2004l'