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# Updates editor information when the keymap changes.
function zle-keymap-select() {
zle reset-prompt
zle -R
# Ensure that the prompt is redrawn when the terminal size changes.
zle && { zle -R; zle reset-prompt }
zle -N zle-keymap-select
zle -N edit-command-line
bindkey -v
# allow v to edit the command line (standard behaviour)
autoload -Uz edit-command-line
bindkey -M vicmd 'v' edit-command-line
# allow ctrl-p, ctrl-n for navigate history (standard behaviour)
bindkey '^P' up-history
bindkey '^N' down-history
# allow ctrl-h, ctrl-w, ctrl-? for char and word deletion (standard behaviour)
bindkey '^?' backward-delete-char
bindkey '^h' backward-delete-char
bindkey '^w' backward-kill-word
# allow ctrl-r to perform backward search in history
bindkey '^r' history-incremental-search-backward
# allow ctrl-a and ctrl-e to move to beginning/end of line
bindkey '^a' beginning-of-line
bindkey '^e' end-of-line
# if mode indicator wasn't setup by theme, define default
if [[ "$MODE_INDICATOR" == "" ]]; then
function vi_mode_prompt_info() {
echo "${${KEYMAP/vicmd/$MODE_INDICATOR}/(main|viins)/}"
# define right prompt, if it wasn't defined by a theme
if [[ "$RPS1" == "" && "$RPROMPT" == "" ]]; then