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# web_search from terminal
function web_search() {
emulate -L zsh
# define search engine URLS
typeset -A urls
google ""
bing ""
yahoo ""
duckduckgo ""
startpage ""
yandex ""
github ""
baidu ""
ecosia ""
goodreads ""
qwant ""
# check whether the search engine is supported
if [[ -z "$urls[$1]" ]]; then
echo "Search engine $1 not supported."
return 1
# search or go to main page depending on number of arguments passed
if [[ $# -gt 1 ]]; then
# build search url:
# join arguments passed with '+', then append to search engine URL
# build main page url:
# split by '/', then rejoin protocol (1) and domain (2) parts with '//'
open_command "$url"
alias bing='web_search bing'
alias google='web_search google'
alias yahoo='web_search yahoo'
alias ddg='web_search duckduckgo'
alias sp='web_search startpage'
alias yandex='web_search yandex'
alias github='web_search github'
alias baidu='web_search baidu'
alias ecosia='web_search ecosia'
alias goodreads='web_search goodreads'
alias qwant='web_search qwant'
#add your own !bang searches here
alias wiki='web_search duckduckgo \!w'
alias news='web_search duckduckgo \!n'
alias youtube='web_search duckduckgo \!yt'
alias map='web_search duckduckgo \!m'
alias image='web_search duckduckgo \!i'
alias ducky='web_search duckduckgo \!'