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Updated cabal plugin with Cabal 1.18-1.20 commands.
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2 parents 2728543 + 1274a5e commit 237304a64c0ba399af2ae7c24de794a7a7f352f6 @robbyrussell committed Feb 22, 2015
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  1. +9 −3 plugins/cabal/cabal.plugin.zsh
@@ -17,21 +17,27 @@ function _cabal_commands() {
"bench:Run the benchmark, if any (configure with UserHooks)"
- "build:Make this package ready for installation"
+ "build:Compile all targets or specific target."
"check:Check the package for common mistakes"
"clean:Clean up after a build"
- "copy:Copy teh files into the install locations"
+ "copy:Copy the files into the install locations"
"configure:Prepare to build the package"
+ "exec:Run a command with the cabal environment"
"fetch:Downloads packages for later installation"
- "haddock:Generate HAddock HTML documentation"
+ "freeze:Freeze dependencies."
+ "get:Gets a package's source code"
+ "haddock:Generate Haddock HTML documentation"
"help:Help about commands"
"hscolour:Generate HsColour colourised code, in HTML format"
"info:Display detailed information about a particular package"
"init:Interactively create a .cabal file"
"install:Installs a list of packages"
"list:List packages matching a search string"
"register:Register this package with the compiler"
+ "repl:Open an interpreter session for the given target"
"report:Upload build reports to a remote server"
+ "run:Runs the compiled executable"
+ "sandbox:Create/modify/delete a sandbox"
"sdist:Generate a source distribution file (.tar.gz)"
"test:Run the test suite, if any (configure with UserHooks)"
"unpack:Unpacks packages for user inspection"

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