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added option of setting another path to custom plugins and files

just set ZSH_CUSTOM in your .zshrc, if not set will
use the default custom dir in the repository
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commit 3780247f633d99b6870e39ea77c540ebb5125095 1 parent a738ca9
Sune Kibsgaard Pedersen kibs authored
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@@ -21,17 +21,24 @@ for plugin ($plugins) fpath=($ZSH/plugins/$plugin $fpath)
autoload -U compinit
compinit -i
+# Set ZSH_CUSTOM to the path where your custom config files
+# and plugins exists, or else we will use the default custom/
+if [ "$ZSH_CUSTOM" = "" ]
+ ZSH_CUSTOM="$ZSH/custom"
# Load all of the plugins that were defined in ~/.zshrc
for plugin ($plugins); do
- if [ -f $ZSH/custom/plugins/$plugin/$plugin.plugin.zsh ]; then
- source $ZSH/custom/plugins/$plugin/$plugin.plugin.zsh
+ if [ -f $ZSH_CUSTOM/plugins/$plugin/$plugin.plugin.zsh ]; then
+ source $ZSH_CUSTOM/plugins/$plugin/$plugin.plugin.zsh
elif [ -f $ZSH/plugins/$plugin/$plugin.plugin.zsh ]; then
source $ZSH/plugins/$plugin/$plugin.plugin.zsh
# Load all of your custom configurations from custom/
-for config_file ($ZSH/custom/*.zsh) source $config_file
+for config_file ($ZSH_CUSTOM/*.zsh) source $config_file
# Load the theme
if [ "$ZSH_THEME" = "random" ]

1 comment on commit 3780247

Patrick Oscity

I think i have found an issue here, themes are still loaded from $ZSH/custom instead of $ZSH_CUSTOM. Is this done on purpose or is it an actual bug? Please also see my pull request at #1107

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