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Suppress "zsh: no matches found" error when $ZSH_CUSTOM has no files

The addition of `(.N)` enables the `NULL_GLOB` option which suppresses
the error output in question.

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1 parent 1120f97 commit 51c55ad17e23db89e72424add0c34fa20654cd8f @jimeh jimeh committed May 6, 2012
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@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ for plugin ($plugins); do
# Load all of your custom configurations from custom/
-for config_file ($ZSH_CUSTOM/*.zsh) source $config_file
+for config_file ($ZSH_CUSTOM/*.zsh(.N)) source $config_file
# Load the theme
if [ "$ZSH_THEME" = "random" ]

3 comments on commit 51c55ad

On OSX, when you want to hit ctrl-D to kill the shell, this change treats it as a tab completion command. Is this the expected behavior? All other shells I'm familiar with will kill the shell with a ctrl-D on an empty line.


jimeh replied Jun 10, 2012

@nathasm That's weird, I don't fully see how that's possible. Also I kill all my shells with ctrl+d, and it's been working fine for me ever since I committed this.

Would you mind elaborating a bit more on how/when/where and in what situations ctrl+d isn't working? :)

Hm, nevermind. I was having that issue and reverted this change in my local branch which seemed to fix it. But going back to master as a sanity check didn't expose the issue. Something else must be causing ctrl-d to act as tab-complete in my local branch.

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