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+# user, host, full path, and time/date
+# on two lines for easier vgrepping
+# entry in a nice long thread on the Arch Linux forums:
seh Oct 1, 2013

Unfortunately, this link is dead. That forum site is still running, but the topic ID 521888 is no longer valid.
The same comment is present in the similar xiong-chiamiov-plus theme.

xiongchiamiov Oct 1, 2013

Interestingly, it still works when I'm logged in; I guess old threads are archived away for some reason.

+PROMPT=$'%{\e[0;34m%}%B┌─[%b%{\e[0m%}%{\e[1;32m%}%n%{\e[1;30m%}@%{\e[0m%}%{\e[0;36m%}%m%{\e[0;34m%}%B]%b%{\e[0m%} - %b%{\e[0;34m%}%B[%b%{\e[1;37m%}%~%{\e[0;34m%}%B]%b%{\e[0m%} - %{\e[0;34m%}%B[%b%{\e[0;33m%}'%D{"%a %b %d, %I:%M"}%b$'%{\e[0;34m%}%B]%b%{\e[0m%}
+%{\e[0;34m%}%B└─%B[%{\e[1;35m%}$%{\e[0;34m%}%B]>%{\e[0m%}%b '
+PS2=$' \e[0;34m%}%B>%{\e[0m%}%b '

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