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Fix graphical bug in cypher theme when return status is non-zero

- When the previous command's return status is non-zero and the prompt
  is redrawn, graphical errors sometimes arise due to the fg{red} not
  being escaped.
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1 parent 192de6b commit c66c3aef8126bf943b2746afb6a9c2a536990db5 @fice-t fice-t committed Aug 17, 2015
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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
# Based on evan's prompt
# Shows the exit status of the last command if non-zero
# Uses "#" instead of "»" when running with elevated privileges
-PROMPT="%m %{${fg_bold[red]}%}:: %{${fg[green]}%}%3~%(0?. . ${fg[red]}%? )%{${fg[blue]}%}»%{${reset_color}%} "
+PROMPT="%m %{${fg_bold[red]}%}:: %{${fg[green]}%}%3~%(0?. . %{${fg[red]}%}%? )%{${fg[blue]}%}»%{${reset_color}%} "

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