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Renames main plugin function to `svn_prompt_info`

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1 parent f66ab7f commit ca129bb55085cf93510346dcd70b1190b87d5bc0 @bric3 bric3 committed Jan 10, 2014
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@@ -6,8 +6,10 @@
# Use `svn_prompt_info` method to enquire the svn data.
# It's faster because his efficient use of svn (single svn call) which saves a lot on a huge codebase
# It displays the current status of the local files (added, deleted, modified, replaced, or else...)
+# Use as a drop-in replacement of the svn plugin not as complementary plugin
-function svn_fast_info() {
+function svn_prompt_info() {
local info
info=$(svn info 2>&1) || return 1; # capture stdout and stderr
local repo_need_upgrade=$(svn_repo_need_upgrade $info)

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